What your clients want

What your clients want

And there are not only women among them!

The main idea is that even if you can`t divine the thoughts of customers, you should at least know what to offer them and how to build communication.

So what do they want?

Honesty. In any case. Especially when it comes to the budget of a project. Don`t try to propose pleasant low prices in order to win the tender – the real value of a project will be revealed very soon. Always offer realistic and reasonable information, propose not “the cheapest,” but “the most optimal” options.

Good recommendations. Make sure your reputation works in your favor. In concerns not only feedbacks from other customers – but also suppliers and employees working with you.

Personal communication. All MICE and Business Events industry is primarily about people. There is no place for excessive automation – personal contacts, engagement in the process always have great efficiency.

Invisible care. There are little things that make the project really pleasant for your clients. Personal greetings in a booked hotel, separate information desk in a lobby, branded tags on their luggage – all this can add some bonuses to your company.

Close-knit team. It seems boring – but it is always more pleasant for clients to work with a folded team, where everyone knows their tasks. That`s why it is important to pay attention to the formation of a project team – the choice of a leader, the experience of employees, the other cases realized by team members.

Prompt response. If something happens abroad – who will help your clients, except your team? Always have a plan “B” in case of an emergency. And “C”. And “D”, if necessary.

A clear schedule. “Tomorrow you will have a fam-trip to the most beautiful places in Paris” is not acceptable. No, colleagues, “On March 21, 2020, at 08:00, at the front door of the Ritz hotel, you will see a bus that will take you along the route: Montmartre- the Eiffel Tower – the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral – the Sacre-Coeur Cathedral”.

And the most important thing…

Great patience! No matter how irritating your clients are, always show them that you know the right solution and the correct answers to all questions!

Friends, we wish you good customers and interesting projects.

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