A survival kit of a good MICE manager

A survival kit of a good MICE manager

The forewarned MICE manager is forearmed! Like our colleagues working in the MICE departments of BTL offices😊

Remember: no matter how often you pray to the god of business events, something can go wrong at any moment! Just keep calm – and do everything possible so that this does not happen.

The right way is to have things that can help you in case of an emergency.

A complete set of office materials. You never know when spare pens, notebooks, paper clips, and paper cases can come in – as well as branded corporate business cards. An interesting fact: in some hotels, it is forbidden to attach paper forms and other materials with sticky tape. In this case, clerical gum will save you.

First aid. There’s nothing to explain: if you support an organized group, be ready to provide all possible assistance, including on-site treatment. Put antipyretics, absorbents, vasoconstrictive sprays, throat and cough pills, and other medicines that will save travelers in your group from the main and most common travel ailments.

Technical accessories. Also useful things – especially in our dynamic age of technologies and digital. Prepare batteries, spare phones, adapters for atypical sockets (especially in Asia), chargers, and foreign sim cards.

Documents. They are never redundant. Put into your luggage letters for customs, copies of contracts with suppliers, other internal documents of the project.

A sticky tape. No matter that they are forbidden for usage in some hotels. Our team lead of the MICE department in the Ukrainian office knows that it is for sure an indispensable assistant! To repair, to agglutinate, to stick, to fix, to create something in a hurry – realize real possibilities of sticky tape!

A scenario. Never rely on yourself, even if you are really perfect (we know). Always keep on hand a document that describes all activities during the event suggested with the client. It will help you control everything better and not to get into trouble in case of any problems.

Colleagues, we know that it is you who can organize everything without a hitch. So reach new heights and begin new projects!