7 important points of a project brief

7 important points of a project brief

How does a good MICE event begin?

Any professional will say: of course, with a creative idea and His Majesty project brief.

Just for your information: a project specification is the MOST IMPORTANT document.  Every MICE insider knows: 


So, what are we talking about? When organizing a serious event, try to discuss all the important questions. Keep these 7 points to discuss them with partners and colleagues. They will certainly help you make work in the MICE industry more productive and interesting! 

  • Budget. Of course, you can organize The Cannes Film Festival at the price of a New Year corporate party. But in fact, it’s better to plan your budget carefully. Take into account the costs of rental premises, transfer, catering, conference management (equipment for lectures, etc.), payment of speakers` time. Discuss incidental expenses —  they will take about 20-25% of the total budget.
  • Participants. Determine the number of group members,  their preferences and interests. If they want to organize an event in Europe with an opportunity to relax soon after, don`t offer a conference in a Buddhist pagoda somewhere in the Himalayas. 

  • Dates. Discuss the exact time frames of the project. Requests like ” in September”, “in winter”, “in early spring” = “in a month of Sundays.”
  • Interesting direction. Talking about an ideal country for an event is the most fascinating part. It`s time for creative ideas 🙂 Also, focus on the desired flight characteristics —  duration, departure time, number of transfers. Take into account countries of the group members, and their foreign affairs!
  • Transfer and accommodation. Discuss how participants will arrive at the airport of departure. How they will get to the final destination after arrival. Is it necessary to order a bus? In which rooms is it better to accommodate people? WARNING: make sure that the group will not fly to New York instead of Chicago like Kevin McCallister. 

  • Gala banquet. No matter how great the event is – food must be served in time! Participants always remember an excellent gala banquet! Think about delicious food, entertainment, original location.
  • Free time. Do your participants need it? If you know what we mean:) It is also worth discussing the purchase of souvenirs in an organized group.

An unforgettable MICE-event is always about your enthusiasm. You are the ones who will take into account all the preferences and all the clients‘ wishes.:) So save this little checklist for you and your colleaguesIt will certainly save your work time and a couple of nerve cells. 🙂 

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