TOP 3 best restaurants in Lviv!

TOP 3 best restaurants in Lviv!

We adore the city of Lion for its outstanding architecture, quiet and cozy streets, incredibly delicious coffee with sweets, for its unique atmosphere and high culture. Do you want to go to Lviv? We will tell you about the best restaurants that you should definitely visit!

“Restaurant Bachevsky”

The location, decorated with flowers, cozy and bright, is very popular with city guests! Here you can taste the most delicious dishes of traditional Galician cuisine, as well as Polish and Jewish dishes. At the restaurant there is a shop where you can buy souvenirs and learn about the life of Lviv. The restaurant is dedicated to the founders of the Bachevsky family vodka factory. So here you can try different types of liqueurs and vodka. We highly recommend having breakfast in this beautiful place before heading to the museum.

Address: st. Shevskaya, 8

The most expensive restaurant in Galicia

A mysterious place that doesn’t even have an official name! This is a really expensive restaurant! It is located at the same address as the famous “Kryivka”, but you will not find any signs here. You can get here through the apartment door, then you will be offered to go through “initiation” (men are given aprons and white gloves, which are attributes of the lodge), on the walls you will see portraits of famous Masons, and in one of the halls there is a retro car. The prices on the menu are very high, but with a Loyal card you can get a 90% discount! A super card is issued at the “Chocolate Workshop” for answering a few questions or at the “Masoch” cafe. Be sure to try the goose dish!
Address (secret!): pl. Market, 14, 2nd floor


Incredibly patriotic institution, stylized as a UPA military bunker (which operated in Western Ukraine in 1942-1953). At the entrance you will be met by fighters who will require a password. If you still managed to get inside, be sure – here you will definitely have a great time! The food in the restaurant is delicious and inexpensive. We recommend ordering potatoes with ham and a mug of beer! After a trip to Lviv, you will certainly be asked if you have been to “Kryivka”!
Address: pl. Market, 14

This is our TOP-3 selection of the best restaurants in Lviv! Decided to visit this beautiful city? We will be happy to organize a tour to Lviv for you! Have a good travel!