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YPO in Berlin – Dinner on the roof of the Reichstag, graffiti, and a river cruise

YPO in Berlin – Dinner on the roof of the Reichstag, graffiti, and a river cruise

Ukrainians never give up! Even in times of war, we continue to work, develop Ukrainian businesses, announce our Motherland to the world, and give customers unforgettable impressions. And we direct the earned funds to charity.

In April 2023, we organized a meeting of the YPO international business community in Berlin, which 100 people attended. The conference discussed the impact of Ukraine on the future of the European economy. The main task was to draw the international community’s attention to Ukraine, which is in a state of war, to determine the significant influence of our country on the world economy.

Guests stayed at the luxurious 5-star THE ADLON KEMPINSKI HOTEL next to the Brandenburg Gate. For the second part of the event, the participants were invited to the Grace restaurant, part of the Hotel Am Zoo – one of the most popular in the 1920s.

The boat tour through the city center was just incredible! A cruise on the Spree River, a visit to the Museum Island, Pergamon and Bode-Museums, and other stunning sights gave the guests many impressions. Then all those willing went on a trip in the Trabant car, which became one of the symbols of the GDR. These cars have not been produced for more than 30 years. The guests made a short trip to the past.

Then a graffiti workshop was waiting for the participants. Berlin has its history of this beautiful art. Until 1989, the western side of the wall was a canvas for talented street artists. And the guests repeated this incredible experience, wearing protective suits and armed with paint.

A particular highlight of the trip was dinner at the restaurant on the Reichstag roof, the German parliament building. The guests also remembered the luxurious tour to Potsdam – the city of the rest of Prussia’s former kings and queens from the 18th century until the First World War.

And beer lovers enjoyed a wonderful tour of a Berlin brewery that creates its craft beer. And this is a partial list of all the exciting places we visited.

In the end, a spectacular gala dinner awaited all those present, where the guests could chat in an informal setting. We plan to organize many more conferences worldwide where people can exchange ideas, make new acquaintances, establish business connections, and have a good time.

Ukraine is not giving up, Ukrainian business is developing, and we continue to organize events worldwide. Let even more people learn about our proud and beautiful country!

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