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Incentive-tour at the Carpathian Mountains

Incentive-tour at the Carpathian Mountains

Incentive-tour to the Carpathians, made by BTL, is what you need if you are in search of the perfect program

“As CEO of BTL Ukraine, I know a lot about tourism in Ukraine, love traveling and adore mountains. Every year, without exception, I find room in my schedule and go on adventures to the Carpathians.

As a rule, I head to the Carpathians in winter, but I also adore them in the warm season — it’s time of fresh warm air, cool rivers and waterfalls, fresh berries, mushrooms, lush forests and pine trees that smell so good. It’s time of horseback riding, conquering peaks, bike excursions, authentic Hutsul cuisine in the open air and loud mountain echo mirroring your joy and desire to catch every moment while you are here.

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Detox tour to the Carpathians, made by BTL, is what you need if you are in search of the perfect program for your summer team building. Bathing in hot springs and waterfalls, SPA procedures, yoga in the mountains, eco-friendly products that can fill you with vital energy… You think all this is available only at luxury resorts, don’t you? Ukrainian Carpathians is the best place for a peaceful and gorgeous rest that everyone needs from time to time!

And you, I believe, need either 😉


A perfect morning in the mountains begins with breakfast, which we all associate with summer at the grandmother’s village — a glass of fresh milk and delicious, still warm, apple pie. Feel like a child all over again?

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Then a horse ride is waiting for you: conquer new peaks and get pleasure from communicating with these beautiful animals. As you know, horses understand and discern human emotions and communication with them favorably influences person’s mental state. Especially, workaholic’s 🙂


The evening will end with a cheese & wine tasting; visit winery of Ivan Ursta, known for producing aromatic wines and honed method of sunny drink preparation.

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Day 2. Morning yoga.

The morning will begin with a natural balance restoration that will give you strength and energy for all day long. Then we will visit one of the places filled with enormous energy — Pysanyi Kamin’. It is enveloped with legends and mysterious stories, but the fact remains that people are gaining strength at this place. Want to test its magical properties?


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We will bathe in vats and get acquainted with the influence of the ancient method of human’s rejuvenation.

An exciting evening will end with a picnic by the fire. In my opinion, there is no better way of spending time in the mountains!


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On the third and final day in the Carpathians, we will touch the eternal beauty of the mountains, waterfalls, paths and tops, and the highest peak in Ukraine — Hoverla. It is there where we will meet sunset and say good-bye to the sun”.


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