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Once upon a time… On a Hollywood party for AXOR!

Once upon a time… On a Hollywood party for AXOR!

Bright spotlights, a red carpet, the atmosphere of bustling Hollywood and artistic Broadway – it`s up to you, a movie party for AXOR employees! An interesting case, a dynamic movement, and an original program – we`ve come up with something better than any movie script!

Concept. You may think: what can be more ordinary than a simple movie screening? Be sure: it’s not about an event for AXOR! This evening, his employees could dive in the world of the American bohemian film industry, participate in interactive games and auctions, talk with Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin – and even with Josephine and Daphne from “Some Like It Hot”!


Food. For VIPs – just VIP meals! Especially for them – unique serving of dishes which is called “Mystery hands”. Just imagine a luxuriously furnished room, a velvet curtain – and mysterious hands that give guests original treats, snacks and other tasty things.

Entertainment. Guests engaged in the event from the first minutes! Even before the beginning of the main program, they had an opportunity to interact with the world of Hollywood cinema and play in various games. They could also visit a casino, where they won “money” and spent it on other activities. A mystical atmosphere was created by mysterious Palmist and All-Seeing Magda. After that – cover band performance, dances, and cool photo zones!

Finally. Not in every instance, you can turn an event into a whole world that takes your guests to another planet. This party was from this category! Bright outfits, live music, a touch of retro… Some like it hot!

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