A MICEter class from Nadiya Shemiakina: how to create cool events

A MICEter class from Nadiya Shemiakina: how to create cool events

Why is the budget not always a top priority for event organization? How to make clients like your event?

And here`s the most crucial question: why will a scotch-tape be your best friend during any events?!

Here you will find detailed lifehacks for those who want to know more. As well as great personal insights from the best Head of MICE department, BTL Ukraine. Nadiya Shemiakina will answer your questions right now!

What`s primary: the budget, or a creative concept?

For local events, it really doesn`t matter. You can bring the same concept to life at different budgets. However, talking about business events abroad, you should take the budget into account. Obviously, it`s challenging to organize a journey of 15 people to Cote d’Azur for $800. In this case, the budget is more important. However, colleagues from other companies may remember such an experience. “Please organize a corporate party in the style of Venezian masquerade at a price of Egypt” – that`s an ordinary situation.😊

What fuckups is it necessary to avoid?

The first of them is to think that everything will be perfect. The second one is to forget about a technical scenario where you define the responsibilities of the event organizers. However, if something goes wrong, remember: it`s part of the design! Also, don`t disregard checking an event availability, as well as making an inspection tour in the case when an event takes place abroad. Oh, and the third fuckup – not to fix the necessary goals and ways of their achievement in official documents.

Must-have things at the event:

A technical scenario and a scotch-tape. The last one is a REALLY useful thing! Agglutinate, paste, hang up, fix, repair – you`ll be powerful.:)

Once upon a time, there was a funny story,

when we organized an event for Turkish delegates. There had to be a bottle of water for each passenger in the buses for transfer. When we arrived about 20 minutes before the departure, me and my colleagues realized that there was NO water! Very soon, a couple of women with 2 trolleys with 100 bottles of “Morshinska” water appeared at the checkout of the nearest shop. A shop assistant may still think that we were totally thirsty that day. 🙂

The best criteria for choosing contractors

is when you unite with them into a real team. An event organizer always has a list of permanent contractors. They are like a second family! For example, recently, we with our photographer and videographer cut tickets for funny competitions at the event.

A recent cool event 

is a team building in the “black-and-white movies” style. There were an elegant gala dinner, a performance of the cover band, and even real film shooting.

In fact, the main thing is to create. Everyone in the business events industry can perform magic and turn people’s life into fireworks, fests, and good emotions. It’s more powerful than thousands of success lists and lifehacks. Get inspired, love and accomplish wonders!

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