One man-band: how to choose a presenter in 5 steps

One man-band: how to choose a presenter in 5 steps

A creative presenter is usually the key to a good event. Remember how it is great when this person gives a very good party! 😊

Thus, no matter who they are – Oprah Winfrey or Larry King – in any case, you should lay some groundwork. And make sure that this person will become the “icing” on “the cake” of your event.

Step 1. Why do you need a presenter? What kind of event will he host? You should understand that you need to invite rather different people for a business conference and a New Year corporate party. Think carefully about who and for what purpose you need to invite.

Step 2. The store is no sore! Do not make your choice too quickly. For further decision making, prepare profiles of at least 5 or 6 presenters. Only then, later, choose the best one among them.

Step 3. A great presenter is a good organizer in many ways. He doesn`t come to the event in order to show off. He gets involved in everything – from studying the audience characteristics to the defining time for serving desserts. These little things help him with improvisations and make him be in his element.

Step 4. A good presenter has a great portfolio. Check everything: his Youtube channel, Instagram account, etc. If a presenter says that his portfolio was burned by enemies, do not listen to him, but run away.:)

Step 5. Hold an interview with a candidate. Find out more about the price structure. Catch details – gestures, manners, intonation, jokes, overall image. Maybe he’s too intrusive? Or maybe, he always has to search for words? A presenter`s charisma really matters! For example, BTL Ukraine had a client who invested the better half of his entertainment budget into the work of a presenter. Be sure, there were no difficult scenarios – just one man by himself created a special atmosphere for that event!

Follow these recommendations to find the most creative people who will become the life and soul of any event! However, we in BTL are always ready to organize the best business events for you! Get inspired by new ideas, talented people and ambitious projects. 🙂

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