Your ideal shopping: what and where to buy in Italy

Your ideal shopping: what and where to buy in Italy

Shopping in Italy usually makes everyone feel excited:). Hey, it`s impossible to come back without 100500 pounds of luggage, high-quality clothes and accessories, as well as cute souvenirs! This must not occur! Choose the right locations – and let`s go shopping!

Despite the fact that many people associate Milan with expensive brands and equally expensive purchases, only the first stereotype is true.

Did you know that in Milan you can buy things much cheaper than in other Italian cities?

Yes, Milan is a great find for fans of trendy items. There you can buy brandy things at very low prices! “Luxury”-lovers should visit the so-called “fashion square” – via Spiga, via Manzoni and via Montenapoleone. Also, you can find more cost-effective shops in Buenos Aires street.

Except for expensive boutiques, you can buy high-quality items in Italian outlets. For example, in the Venetian The Mall outlet you can find record discounts up to -70% on such luxury brands as Armani, Prada, D&G, etc.

Don`t expect an impressive shopping from little resort towns near the sea. At its best, you`ll find standard brands like Zara, H&M or Inditex stores. However, it is worth paying attention to Rimini or the Republic of San Marino. There you can also find large shopping centers for good shopping!

A wide assortment of leather shoes and accessories at acceptable prices can be found in Bologna, Marche, Empola, and Florence. There, in the small colorful markets, you can find great shoes, a backpack, leather straps. Moreover, Italians aren`t afraid to set fire to their leather products in order to prove their authenticity.

Don`t be afraid to visit flea markets – for example, the Roman Porte Porteze, or the market in the Navigli district (Milan). There you can find a lot of cool vintage things – clothes, dishes, antique furniture, accessories.

Of course, don`t forget about TAX-Free and get back 14.5% of the purchase price. For this, you need to buy goods for a total amount of about 155 euro in TAX-FREE – “friendly” stores and ask cashiers to give you a special form, which you will be able to present at the airport.

Food for thought: August is usually a “dead season” for almost all Italian stores. After all, the owners of shops also need to relax! But take it easy – in fact, sales in Italy are unstoppable😊 Feel free to assault stores from January 4, 2020, to March 31, 2020, and from July 5 to September 31!

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