Ukrainian hygge: a special recipe of the true happiness

Ukrainian hygge: a special recipe of the true happiness

Waking up in the morning – that`s already a great hygge feeling. The flavors and savors of this day are wonderful, as well as events and emotions – just because they exist.

Hygge is about people. It means the world and thousands of countries. And Ukraine is something special in the “happiness-list” of everyone. So, what is Ukrainian hygge like?

It is about nature connected to people. Ukrainian landscapes are colorful, its forests are kind, and you always feel protected in the shade of trees. It doesn`t pass people up with the severe indifferent beauty! No, Ukrainian nature loves you, wherever you are. On the mountain paths of Bukovel, where the wind smells like pine needles and fried sausages, and the snow crunches beneath your feet. In the shady parks of noisy Kyiv, cozy Lviv, and reckless Odesa. In the “Askania Nova” reserve, where animals walk within an arm`s reach. In the picturesque Carpathian forests. Ukrainian hygge means nature that believes in people and their tender hearts.

Ukrainian hygge is always hospitable. You are always welcome in this country, and your visit is a pleasure for the habitants of this land. With guests, it’s funny to go river rafting in the mountains, travel to colorful cities, enjoy delicious cuisine, organize great business events with active DMC partners.

Ukrainian hygge shows us that life is too short to ignore tasty things. Do you feel that wonderful flavor of homemade cheese in one of those Zakarpattya creameries? Do you hear the caressing sound of the wine being poured into glasses among the 200 years old Koblevo vineyards? Or, maybe, you want to try traditional borsch in the Lviv “High Castle” restaurant. Or the dish chicken Kyiv in “Taras Bulba” tavern in the capital of Ukraine…

Finally, Ukrainian hygge is about comfort. If you know what we mean: wrapping your feet in a plaid near the fireplace of a wood house somewhere in the Carpathians. Sitting on the Odesa beach with a plate of salted fish and beer and laughing at the fervent jokes of the local residents. Fishing in the middle of a mountain lake in the “Opaque” trout farm.

This is what hospitable Ukraine gives people who cross its borders with pleasure and curiosity. So, if you want to organize an excellent business event, just add a dash of Ukrainian hygge and the enthusiasm of the Ukrainian MICE professionals! Discover new countries. And just be happy.

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