TOP trends of business tourism in 2020

TOP trends of business tourism in 2020

The modern world left practically no borders for all travelers, including corporate ones. Everyone wants to travel around the world, have fun at corporate parties abroad, visit new countries on-the-job, exchange knowledge with foreign colleagues.

For us, it means only to stay in the forefront of new trends and generate good offers for our clients!

1. Eco-tourism. More and more business travelers want to travel abroad and save the planet. 55% of company representatives said that they would choose travel options not only for leisure and work but also for generating value for the environment. That is why group planting of trees, outdoor cleaning, trips to the wildlands, relax from gadgets, mushrooms and/or berries picking are becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, sometimes customers deliberately refuse to travel on certain types of transport, for example, by cars or airplanes.

2. “The lot”: metasearch. It is a really growing trend among clients. When planning a trip – including for business purposes – each of them wants to get quickly numerous options for comparison and further choice. Metasearch systems give them such opportunities and relevant results from several sources – tickets, hotels, transfer. Your tactics – to think about this tendency and optimize the site in this way, as well as develop a partnership with metasearch engines for effective cooperation.

3. Chats. One of the modern business goals is to shorten the path of communication with the client. For example, 51% of business travelers believe that online chat is one of the most important advantages of travel websites. Another 40% say it is the best instrument of virtual business communication.

4. Chatbots and artificial intelligence. The importance of personal communication does not exclude the obvious benefits of chatbots. While you are communicating directly with a client in a personal chat, your all-knowing invisible assistant handles the most common incoming requests. Moreover, it knows how to react at a chain of questions – it’s enough for you to write an algorithm and define “anchor” words to respond. In 2020, about 39% of large travel companies are planning to invest a lot in the creation of chatbots.

5. Sincere communication is one of the top priorities for airlines in 2020. For example, for 81% of business customers, it is important to understand the structure of ticket prices. However, few carriers are willing to share this information. Also, 63% of travelers are interested in the details and experience of using extra services on board- and not just their price.

2020 is here – with its new requests from customers, new KPIs for sales. Follow the TOP trends and achieve the most important business goals 🙂

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