Top 7 Locations in Lviv

Top 7 Locations in Lviv

Lviv, a new home for many Ukrainians who left their homes, impresses with its beauty. We have prepared the top 7 best locations of this fantastic city. 

1. Opera House

It is an absolute mecca for fans of opera and theater art. Building in Baroque, Renaissance, and pseudo-Renaissance styles took several years. The majestic structure is now “supported” by “Mr. Arbitrum,” a six-meter figure of a man, the work of the Italian Emanuele Giannelli. In this way, the artist wished to express his support for Ukrainians during the difficult times of the war.

2. Pharmacy-museum

In the 16 exquisite rooms of the museum complex, you can observe things that local apothecaries and doctors have used for centuries. One of the halls is a medical laboratory, and you can familiarize yourself with medical literature in the other. By the way, the pharmacy is still open!

3. Freedom Avenue

It is a pleasure to walk along the city’s main street, the length of which is 350 meters. Look at the charming buildings made in the Baroque, Classicism, and Neo-Renaissance styles. Visit cafes and coffee shops and feel the incredible atmosphere of the ancient city.

4. Potocki Palace

One of the most outstanding architectural monuments of the end of the 19th century fascinates at first glance. The interior decoration is represented by exquisite decor, marble, and gilded ornaments. The complex includes a chapel where the miraculous icon of the Mother of God is still kept.

5. Market Square

The central square of Lviv is the first place where tourists go. Here, it is always lively and festive; active local life is raging. And almost every building located here is an architectural monument. It is here that the Lviv City Council is located, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

6. Armenia Street

For centuries, the Armenian community created a center of its cultural life in Lviv with exquisite architecture. It is worth visiting the Armenian Cathedral, built in the 14th century, which is a real gem of the city.

7. Boim chapel

Even in European architecture, no analogs of this incredible art monument exist. The creation of the late Renaissance was intended as a tomb. The underground part is for the dead because they were buried there, and the above-ground part serves the living for prayer. Currently, the chapel unites tourists worldwide in their desire to learn more about the incredible and beautiful Lviv.

Ukraine amazes the world!

We are happy to continue to tell you about its picturesque landscapes and unique historical sights.

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