Top 5 extraordinary hotels in the world

Top 5 extraordinary hotels in the world

We continue our column of the most original hotels in the world!

1. Jumbo Stay (Sweden, Stockholm)

Boeing Jumbo Jet, which belonged to a bankrupt Swedish company, was converted into a hotel near Arlanda Airport in 2008. There are 29 rooms here. The rooms are small – no more than 6 m2, but cozy and original. The most expensive room is in the cockpit. A particular advantage of the hotel is a panoramic view of the airport and runway.

2. Malmaison Oxford Castle (Great Britain, Oxford)

The hotel is located in the building of the former royal prison of the 11th century! The gates and barbed wire fences are still a reminder of the institution’s past. However, it is not scary; on the contrary, it is enjoyable. After all, the comfortable rooms are equipped with designer furniture, and on the former office site, there is a restaurant with exquisite dishes.

3. Museum Hotel (Turkey, Cappadocia)

The hotel, located in the incredible caves of Cappadocia, is simply excellent. Each of the 30 rooms is decorated with antiques from the Hittite, Roman, and Ottoman times. The most picturesque places are near the hotel, so you can always take a pleasant walk.

4. Refuge Du Gouter (France, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains)

In the French Alps, an incredible hotel, “Refuge of Pleasure,” opened on the highest mountain in Western Europe – Mont Blanc, 3,835 meters above sea level. The hotel belongs to the Club Alpinists de France and attracts the attention of tourists worldwide. The unique high-tech structure is mainly built of wood and equipped with solar panels and wind generators.

5. Tubo Hotel (Mexico, Tepostlan)

The 20 rooms of this extraordinary hotel near Mexico are arranged inside sewer pipes. The process of building the complex took only three months. The rooms are made of concrete pipes that have gone out of service, representing the project’s environmental friendliness.

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