Top 10 most visited countries in the world

Top 10 most visited countries in the world

We welcome autumn and are ready for extraordinary achievements in the MICE industry. Despite all the challenges, the field of tourism is developing rapidly. This time, we present the top 10 countries most visited by tourists this year (according to

1. France

The largest country in Western Europe and probably the most romantic in the world constantly attracts tourists. Oddly enough, the most visited in the capital is not the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, but Disneyland Paris.

2. Mexico

It is the picturesque land of sombreros and a fabulous kitchen. Its exquisite spicy dishes are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Guanajuato, there is an incredible museum of mummies, which has 111 exhibits.

3. United States of America

The country with the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP has the most extended road network – 6,500,000 km. The most famous country in the world with unlimited opportunities will continue to attract the attention of tourists.

4. Italy

The homeland of spaghetti, a dish adored worldwide, is known for its beautiful scenery and outstanding historical monuments. Italy has more than 3,000 museums! By the way, the piano was created here in 1709.

5. Spain

Approximately 80% of the territory is covered by magnificent mountains. More birds live here than in any other European country. In Spain, they love siesta and football, and they have a habit of having breakfast in restaurants and cafes, which are exceptional here.

6. Hungary

Hungary has a distinguished history; its capital is considered the most beautiful city on the Danube River. The famous Rubik’s cube and the ballpoint pen were invented in the country.

7. People’s Republic of China

It is one of the largest countries in the world which is known for its incredible inventions. On the territory of the People’s Republic of China lives a fourth part of all humanity!

8. Croatia

This is a true paradise for tourists who appreciate the high level of service and the incredible beauty of nature. By the way, Croatia gave us the fashion for ties.

9. Turkey

Cats are adored in this magical country. Unique houses are built for them in parks, and everyone considers it their duty to feed the cat. Once upon a time in Istanbul, the writer Agatha Christie created the outstanding novel “Murder on the Orient Express.”

10. Denmark

Picturesque Denmark has 443 islands! It is among the top 5 European countries with the highest employment rate and can boast free medicine. And 14 Nobel laureates were born here.

We honor the countries of the world, each of which is distinguished by its incredible culture, beautiful landscapes, and interesting customs. But our native Ukraine holds a special place in our hearts.