New in: summer terrace at Riviera House on Podil

New in: summer terrace at Riviera House on Podil

“Everyone has a whim. Ours is the pickyness to details” – that’s what we read on the Facebook page of the Riviera House Hotel.

We know this firsthand: a few months ago, here at KAMA Unique Asia – a restaurant with an impressive view of the Dnipro river, the presentation of our office #BTLFrance took place.

An ultra-modern interior, delicious food and high-class service – three pillars, which the success of Riviera HouseKAMA restaurant and Sweet Book café stands on. The latter can boast not only of original desserts, a wide variety of books and a cozy atmosphere, which every guest, coming by for a cup of coffee before a business meeting, appreciates, but also of a “secret garden”, where you can hide from the noise and big city life.


To get into the Secret Garden by Sweet Book you should go up to the second floor of the hotel. Here, on a beautiful summer terrace, resembling a large and cozy Italian courtyard, a breakfast or brunch is waiting for you all day long!



And believe me, there are too many dishes to choose from and treat yourself with. Buckwheat porridge with tiramisu or eggs with smoked salmon and red caviar? A fluffy omelette with langoustine or hummus with capers and quail eggs? Lazy dumplings like in childhood? It is difficult to limit yourself to a one dish, because you want to try everything at once!

Secret Garden will also be that “very” place for a long-awaited meeting with friends. Matchless cocktail menu, evening Kyiv and long conversations in pleasant company – isn’t it an ideal scenario for this summer? 😉