Neon Fever: How 'Acid 80s' Conquered the World of Event Design

Neon Fever: How 'Acid 80s' Conquered the World of Event Design

Neon regained its popularity with 80s and 90s returning to fashion.

Then lightboxes and illumination were used both in residential and public interiors (cafes, cinemas, restaurants). Later bright colors, dim, but at the same time, bright light had become a hallmark of Neon-noir cinema – «Drive» (2011), «Under the Skin» (2013), «The Neon Demon» (2016), «Nerv» (2016), «Blade Runner» (2017), «Atomic Blonde» (2018).

Then event designers began to gradually “introduce” neon into event decoration. It was a real catch. Neon fits perfectly into the natural theme and “interacts” with plants spectacularly; in such a way it is possible to create a symbiosis of natural / authentic with modern / technological. Try to place light and color accents in the photo zone, on the stage or wherever you wish in order to play with light and shadow. Guests are interested in natural theme event, but they want something unusual? They surely like to spend the evening in a tropical rainforest in “night” space. Neon tubes or signboards are also often used as information signs. Your guests will appreciate this trendy element of decoration.

Considering that many people associate neon with rave culture and crazy parties, it may seem that such a decoration would be inappropriate for a business meeting.

However, such signs will not look too fancy if you place them into a “neutral” environment.

As you can see, the possibilities of neon are much wider than it firstly might seem. Don’t hesitate to make experiments with it, and the guests will be delighted by the result!