An inspection trip: a check-list for your event abroad

An inspection trip: a check-list for your event abroad

Are your guests going to participate in an unforgettable business event abroad? Cool😊 And YOU are going to check the willingness of all event locations there very soon! Save this checklist for an effective inspection trip.

It needs no saying that it is highly necessary to check whether everything is ready for an event in another country. Without any doubt, you have reliable partners there – however, it is a good idea to check personally all conditions. Your task is to feel like a guest and evaluate the results from the organizer`s position. Let’s go? 😊

An airport. Memorize important details already after the plane landing . Find out how much time it will take to get from an airport to a hotel. Remember in which terminal your plane will come down. Where is the nearest WC? How to find a representative of the receiving party? Where is the exit from an airport? Where is the car parking? These and other questions may interest your guests. So, be ready beforehand to answer them.

A hotel. On your way to a hotel, note how much time it will take to arrive at it, and include this info to the travel notes for the guests. In the hotel, try to evaluate carefully its readiness. Will there be any special check-in procedures? Is the welcome zone with banners and a logo ready? Is the info desk in the right place? In general, make sure that your guests will be met with dignity. Oh, and don`t forget to provide your guests with maps with all hotel infrastructure.

Restaurants. Meet with the representatives of chosen restaurants to understand whether everything is ready. Check the details of the approved menu, the cleanliness, and the location of the tables. You can even taste the dishes, or even come to the kitchen. If it is possible to reconstruct the planned activities – do not give up such an opportunity. It will be easier for you to understand what may go wrong, and how to solve possible burning issues. In the case of the organization of coffee breaks, make sure that all products will be delivered in the right quantity, will be prepared and removed in time.

Conference service. Finally, it is important to check carefully the equipment for presentations, a projector, microphones. Feel free even to count the number of chairs in the conference hall, so that all guests could definitely find their places.

In this long list of tasks, don`t miss a really important point: coordinate all the above-mentioned meetings with foreign partners. Discuss with them and tell what places you want to see and visit. In this case, they will help you meet with the right contractors and make the last preparations with you.

Are you ready? It`s time to create new projects, visit new countries and get a new experience!

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