Cheeeeeeeers! TOP European locations for your amazing photoshoot

Cheeeeeeeers! TOP European locations for your amazing photoshoot

One does not simply avoid taking wonderful photos while traveling. Are you tired of glancing through the same photos of friends and relatives in social media? The same Eiffel Tower, the boring Colosseum, these simple gingerbread houses in Barcelona? It’s not necessary to follow the trodden paths – take photos from the unusual world locations!

Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain.

A great place for the daydreamers – the picturesque Villa Vella fortress with the perfectly preserved streets of the old city. For impressive shots, walk up and enjoy views of the fortress towers, neat houses from the 12th century, ancient orange roofs, green gardens, and breathtaking sea.

The Republic of Uzupis, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Wait for it? 😊 It`s a very colorful area, decorated with masterpieces of local funny fellows – musicians and artists. Take an original retro photo near the old piano. Add colors to your life by standing against the background of freaky murals. Well, or shock relatives with sculptures “18+”. But first of all, find them personally! We don`t give out our insiders. 😊

The cave city of Vardzia, Javakheti, Georgia.

An impressive fortified city in the mountains along the banks of the Kura River. Certainly, a good location for you, and there is enough space for everyone! 😊 It’s really interesting to take a few shots in the caves – the guides, monks, will show you the way.

The cape behind the Maria Soccorso church, Forio, Ischia, Italy.

Ischia is a very nice volcanic island not far from Naples shores. But a rare optical phenomenon, so-called “green ray” – when the sun sets over the horizon (or rises) in clear weather – can be seen only there, in Forio. It looks really impressive!

The Valley of Narcissuses, Hust, Zakarpattya, Ukraine.

No castles and columns – just a space filled with elegant fragrant flowers. Go there in the spring! And don`t forget to take numerous photos in the atmosphere of friendly and colorful Western Ukraine.

The Monte Gardens, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

Just 70,000 square meters of greenery, beauty, and exotica. There you can find locations suited for every fancy, tropical plants, unique sculptures, the riot of colors, the choir of cicadas, cool waterfalls. This is not only a find for a photoshoot but also the relaxation from the excesses of civilization.

Friends, there is always something to remember about any trip. Keep memories, share them, and discover new places!

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