Lost in Italiation: remember it on the Italian street

Lost in Italiation: remember it on the Italian street

Whether you relax on the beach or inspire with rare minutes of Italiano vera during business coffee-breaks, remember: you`re always welcome in this country! However, walking along the Italian streets, take into account that:

In the morning, don`t try to find a heavy breakfast like a huge plate of fried eggs with sausages. Please content with a tiny cup of coffee, a croissant, or dessert.:) Moreover, restaurants with more complicated food don’t open until 12 a.m.!

A HAIRCURLING STORY: an excursion to San-Remo. It was 10 a.m., tourists ran to explore Italy! However, some hungry sightseers began looking for food. And hey – there was nothing to eat! Their souls requiring an omelet with ham and a delicious sandwich cried while looking at the closed restaurants with pizza, seafood, and pasta. By the way, they opened only at 12 a.m.

Be careful with transport. Italians are used to be late. When buying a train or a bus ticket, remember: instead of, for example, 1 p.m., trains/buses can easily arrive at 1:15. And nothing else matters!

A HAIRCURLING STORY: after the short trip to legendary Rome, it was time to relax at the seaside. A couple of months ago, we booked tickets with a 20-minute changing in Bologna. And yes, the train arrived cheerfully with a 14-minutes delay. Have you ever clocked 2 floors at a Bologna railway station in order to make the train with 3 suitcases with a total weight of 50 kg?

Traditionally: in most Italian cities, siesta time lasts from 1 to 5 p.m. It’s better not to run under the sun – just because it`s useless. Believe: even the biggest supermarkets and pharmacies are closed at this time.

If you suddenly decide to read an old-school newspaper, remember that football, fashion, and the Pope are the favorite Italian topics!… That`s why it is better to ask Google for the latest news. And keep Italian newspapers as a little souvenir.

Have you heard legends about the impudence of Italian drivers? Don`t be surprised if suddenly you see a crowd of bikers going by at a crosswalk. To stop this endless stream of drivers, just make eye contact with one of them. 😊

A HAIRCURLING STORY: once upon a time, in Rome, we tried to cross the subway for about 7 minutes. We missed all 50 seconds of green light – just because 15 bikers drove by a zebra crossing. We were standing ramrod straigt for a long time when one driver stopped and allowed us to cross the road

But even if there are so many little oddities, they are something that makes a country really special. Try to dive into the culture of any country – no matter how strange it is. 😊 Get inspired with the world – and always travel!

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