Cool foreign habits that are worth to acquire

Cool foreign habits that are worth to acquire

Each nation in the world is a special society with different people and their unique lifestyle. Just look around: citizens of other countries have a lot of good habits that everyone should acquire!

The Finns and other people of northern countries can show you the necessity of relaxation. They, like no one else, value their personal time and believe that overworking is a bad idea. Nobody in Finland stays in the office later than 6 p.m. Work dorks, have you understood?

Italians enjoy saying something pleasant to people – even unknown. A nice tip to remember! This national habit is wonderful, isn`t it? They even created a special word – “ciao” which means “I am good to you”. Italians believe that this word is more significant than “I’m glad to see you” or “Have a nice day!”.

Georgians value friendship above all other things. Sometimes close friends are more important for them than relatives. They even have words in their language that mean “man-brother” and “woman-sister”. Take a recipe of friendship that doesn`t break and doesn`t fall through!

Ukrainians inspire guests with their hospitality. Many Europeans are usually surprised with Ukrainian set-outs for visitors – at their own expense! Many nations should keep this useful tradition in mind.

The French demonstrate their love of life. A glass of wine on the Champs Elysees, a walk along the riverfront, or in the Tuileries garden … Friends, learn from the French how to enjoy magic moments that make our days bright and special.

Finally, the British will show how to be extremely polite under any circumstances. Did you know that they can apologize for EVERYTHING nearly 8 times a day? For stepping on foot. For accidental jostling. Any other ideas?

Despite everything, the world is beautiful – as well as most of the inhabitants of our planet. Let’s explore new countries together and meet good people at cool business events!

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