How to organize a business event outdoors

How to organize a business event outdoors

Business events in the lap of nature always mean numerous advantages. Relaxing atmosphere, interesting communication, fresh air… Your colleagues and partners will definitely enjoy this time!

How to organize successfully this kind of event? It usually depends on the right location. Let’s find out how it can be by the example of the best suburban hotel in Ukraine — Business & Relax Hotel GoodZone. This unique complex is situated in the ecologically clean area at a distance of 21 km from Dnipro with a picturesque pine forest, amazing lake, and a beach on the river.

Thinking about the details, focus on the duration of your event. If it lasts more than a day, take care of the comfortable accommodation of guests. In GoodZone, for example, the total number of rooms is 121 rooms with the possibility of accommodation for up to 250 guests. However, they can choose where to stay — in one of the 4 hotels, 4 forest or 15 river cottages. Such conditions allow you to organize a business conference, as well as a cycle meeting, a workshop, or a corporate tour.

Ideally, the event program should be diverse and include activities both indoors and outdoors. To achieve this goal, make sure that a selected complex provides locations of different formats. For example, in GoodZone, the organizers can use for their needs 6 conference rooms, modern equipment, as well as the new professional stage for spectacular shows. This way, you can organize any training, team building, a seminar, a corporate event.

Most of all people usually remember special activities. Representatives of numerous companies often puzzle their heads over amazing guests of their business events with something great. And it’s really cool if a complex, as Business & Relax Hotel GoodZone, has its own beach, an outdoor pool, a SPA-complex on the river, a rope park. And what about archery, horse riding, or canoeing?

Well, and, of course, gastronomic pleasures! In the age of diversity, you should choose a place that will allow you to organize not only coffee breaks and gala dinners! What about tasting sessions, aperitifs, cocktail parties? In GoodZone, for example, there are more than 10 locations for this reason — including a terrace and a bikini bar.

All in all, the result will ultimately surpass expectations. Guests of your event will appreciate your originality and discuss it for a long time. By the way, the professional team of our partner — Hotel GoodZone — is always ready to help you organize something unforgettable!

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