BTL guide: how to organize a business conference

BTL guide: how to organize a business conference

There are so many business conferences around us. Sometimes, people think that it is very easy to organize them. 100% mistake! A business conference is a project for days, weeks, and even months. Learn how to create and organize such kind of a business event.

Make a plan. Approve the subject, style, schedule, budget, list of participants and speakers of a conference, and other important issues. Fix all these points in documents to follow carefully your project plan.

Think about a scenario. Every event organizer must have a clear scenario for a conference. Organization of this business event requires a lot of attention to details. Create a conference schedule. Choose a catering service and taste personally their drinks and snacks.

Tell everybody about your event. Organization of a conference requires its effective promotion. Begin stirring up visitors` interest as early as you can. Use social media, create a landing page with event information, publish articles on professional web resources, discuss its promotion with partners.

Make sure that other processes will work correctly during the conference. Check a projector and microphones, make sure that a registration desk is situated in the necessary place, as well as there are no papers and napkins under the chairs in a conference hall.

Prepare all materials for the participants. It is impossible to organize an event without caring about its participants. Send them letters with the necessary information. Prepare a floormap. Give them memorable souvenirs — branded notebooks, magazines, pens. Provide them with necessary digital software — for example, create an infobot in Telegram.

Check all speakers` materials. When organizing a business event, check carefully the content prepared for the public. Meet with speakers; discuss their speeches; give them advice concerning materials presentation. Be sure: it is more interesting to communicate with participants during an active workshop than during a boring lecture!

Get feedback. After the conference, ask participants for feedback. As an event organizer, you should understand what they liked and what things you can improve in the future.

There are some helpful tips to help you organize a good business event. However, if you plan to create something gorgeous — for example, a large international forum — you know who will always help you. 😊

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