Catering service: 6 delicious points of any event

Catering service: 6 delicious points of any event

National cuisine adorns any country. Gala dinner, snacks, drinks adorn any event. However, a high-quality catering service can really accomplish all these wonders!

As our colleagues from the MICE department say, “catering is not about food, it`s about special points.” Keep their cool insights to create an appetizing atmosphere for your events!

When choosing catering organizations, don`t forget to taste their menu! Ask the representatives to let your taste their dishes. Try everything that they serve for you. Pay attention to the appearance of ambassadors – whether they are faultlessly tailored and present clearly their company. If you visit a restaurant to check it by yourself, look at the restaurant facility, location of the tables and their setting. Discuss with the representatives how can they implement your catering concepts.

No matter where an event takes place, out,- or indoors, make sure that food creates the atmosphere. For example, for an outdoor event, it’s cool to organize a barbeque, or serve light desserts: ice cream, soft drinks, etc.

Serving food and snacks at separate, conceptually designed “stations” is an upcoming trend of the future. For example, lemonade with different tastes can be served on one station, amazing eclairs and other pastries are on another one, and so on.

Unusual presentation of the food really matters! For example, in BTL Group, for one of the projects, there was a catering service in the style of Mystery Hands. Just imagine: a thick curtain – and a hand leaning around it and treating guests with snacks. During another project, participants tried “fusion” dishes – French blue pasta stuffed with eel. However, the presence of a woman who has different dishes on her carcass skirt is another interesting point of the last years.

Take the national features into account! Look, for example, at incoming tourists from India. Indian delegates cavil at most world cuisine and don`t appreciate a lot of products. Moreover, sometimes they even travel with their cooks!

If you organize an excursion tour for a group, you also should think about snacks to have during walks. Try to organize “picnic points” for them in beautiful locations! For example, during the MMP Forum Caucasus 2019 in Azerbaijan, guests climbed the mountains, where they met a sunset with a cup of aromatic tea or a glass of wine.

Your event can be delicious! For this, make sure that guests will have an unforgettable aftertaste. Get inspired by appetizing ideas and cool restaurants!

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