How to buy cheap air tickets

How to buy cheap air tickets

“How to find cheap air tickets” is one of the most popular requests of Internet users, along with famous “what film to watch” and “game of thrones download”. Let`s find out how and when to buy cool plane tickets.

First of all, it is inexpediently to bank on the “top season” for buying a ticket. Of course, planning trips during the off-season is still acceptable – however, in recent years airlines rarely pay attention to this factor. Learn it: if tickets do well and demand for them rises, they will be expensive regardless of the season. At the same time, regular airlines can both take into account the seasonality factor and ignore it.

The day of departure is much more interesting. For example, low-cost airlines trade up Sunday flights – their price rises at 15-20%. But on Tuesday and Wednesday, they are much cheaper! In the case of regular airlines, departure and arrival on the same day are 15% more expensive.

If during the day you suddenly notice a good price for tickets and decide something like “I’ll come back home and reserve them”, give up this idea immediately! According to statistics, in the evening and during the night tickets are getting more expensive by 1%. But you can do it on weekdays – from 8 to 12 and from 14 to 18.

Layovers, in fact, are not so bad! Of course, if you are ready to spend time on search and choose a really convenient one. Another little trick: it is better to purchase a transfer flight in one booking. In this case, the airline company that sells this ticket agrees to take you to your final destination, and, in the case of overlays, to offer an alternative flight.

And the last little secret: try to search for tickets in Incognito mode. It’s obvious that Google Big Brother is following you, as well as online booking systems 🙂 Every time you search for tickets, they remember your choices; devices; prices that attract you… And then, sometimes they offer you more expensive tickets than for other users. For example, iPhone owners may face this situation easily. Also remember, that some meta-search systems charge a pretty impressive fee for their services.

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