8 simple apps for advanced travelling

8 simple apps for advanced travelling

Everybody knows that a personal smartphone is the best friend in an unknown country. Of course, if you don`t forget to charge the battery. However, rare people want to download useless apps that “eat” wi-fi and bring no benefits. So, what icons should be on your gadget screen?

SkyGuru. It is a great app if you are afraid of height and flying on an airplane. Even during a flight, this application will tell you at what altitude you are; comment processes of take-off, taxiing on the runway, landing, “chatter”. You`ll find out that is no time to be afraid off – it really engages and catches attention.

GateGuru. Reveal all secrets of 180+ world airports including their terminals, glance through their maps, lists of shops and cafes. And next time, when arriving at large airports like Rome-Fiumicino, you will not be astonished by its infrastructure and will know all the ins and outs – including the rules of local registration.

Maps.Me. Ageless classics – offline maps of numerous cities. Choose any route in any city in the world! This application will show you where you can go for a meal nearby and what interesting locations to visit.

Travelry. Do you have no plans to spend money on walking city tours? No need: with this app, you will be able to choose an audio guide with exciting stories about any city! The app provides one city tour for free – however, you can buy others in a large base. It is definitely cheaper than in the local travel agency.

Spotted by Locals. A huge database of routes created by local residents. Just believe, such walking tours will be much more exciting and show you the city from the other side.

Local Eats. An app that helps you find a place for a delicious lunch or dinner. Restaurants are not always popular in this app, but there you can find acceptable prices for authentic national cuisine.

Flush. When you “have an urge” – it`s no time for amazing sights. Download the app and turn on the GPS. We are sure that in the database of 19,000 WC around the world you will find your desirable one.

Firepin. An indispensable app if you travel with a group of friends and don`t want to get lost. With the use of Google Maps, an app saves the person’s route – and helps people to find their mates if necessary.

Word Lens. You don`t understand what gibberish is written on the label? Turn on the app – and scan the inscriptions in a foreign language. Make it translate everything for you – for sure, you have more interesting plans.

For business purposes, or for vacation, alone, or with friends – these applications will help you everywhere and will make your stay in another country easy and comfortable. 😊
Use digital opportunities and discover the beauties of the world with your smartphone!

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